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Re: C-AF with static subjects

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I don't have the E-M1 mk2 but I had the E-M1. I found that when using C-AF on static subjects, the camera would miss focus for most frames unlike with moving targets where most frames would be in focus. When I bought the Panasonic G80, this is one of the first things I tested and it worked well just like you've described on the G9. Could it be that the E-M1 mk2 suffers from the same problem as the mark 1?

Cafe Racer.

My E-M1.2 does suffer from this also, if you shoot static subjects with C-AF (let alone C-Af+Tr), then most of the frames will be not in focus.

Also, it seems to be, that actual focus box is larger than displayed in camera. so AF may pick some contrasty things outside of the box.

I assumed this issue was addressed with the Mk 2 as it's AF capabilities are supposed to be greatly improved over the Mk 1, so it's really unfortunate to hear Olympus haven't overcome this problem.

As previous owner of Mk 1, I would say that speed is greatly improved, yes, but accuracy suffers more (in S-AF), C-AF is better, but C-Af+Tr. is not that improved.

An increase in AF speed but a decrease in S-AF accuracy. It's strange how C-AF is better but the less demanding S-AF is worse.

Just for further clarity, how have you set Release Priority on your E-m1 mk 2?

I always use "Release priority" = Focus.

So we can rule that out as part of the problem. I'm surprised that many people don't consider this when trouble shooting.

My thoughts, that to increase AF-aquisition speed Olympus sacrifised accuracy (last "is it in focus" check has more tolerance). It also have no priority for nearer subjects, despite of using PDAF.

I hope this has been resolved on the E-m1x and can be fixed on the E-m1ii and on future cameras.

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