The Missing Program Mode

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The Missing Program Mode may actually allow changes more easily . . .

Gerry Winterbourne wrote:

TacticDesigns wrote:


I think this goes beyond what can reasonably be expected of any automatic system: it's expecting the camera to guess your aesthetic choices. Again, the Penta P mode has options for DOF control - deep or shallow. If you select the shallow option it will automatically open up if the lens allows it; as it happens, that would also give the widest available aperture - and hence fastest shutter speed - when zoomed in. But that is still only part of what you're asking.


I was just randomly thinking about your comments on "aesthetic choice" and thought the following . . .

It may seem that linking the aperture to the ISO may seem like it is taking away creative choice, it might actually open up more choice as a photographer.

If I shoot my f/2.8 zoom lens on manual exposure. If I am quickly shooting and do not have time to adjust both my aperture and ISO, then I will probably shooting everything at the same aperture setting.

But if the two are linked . . . then, as you pointed out above, I can change the aperture setting manually by myself, and the camera would match the ISO to get the same end brightness.

What this opens up is an easy / convenient way to shoot manual exposure, but be able to quickly change the aperture to affect depth of field . . . and have the camera maintain the same end brightness by either affecting the ISO or shutter speed. (Up to the photographer what changes.)

Or change shutter speed and the camera affects one of the other two settings.

So . . . in a round about way, making the camera follow a program may actually give the photographer more ability to change settings and affect the look of the picture quickly.

But this is opposite to how the lens naturally works when you zoom a variable aperture lens. If I shoot this with a constant aperture lens, the aperture stays the same throughout the range. What I am suggesting is . . . what if you could program the camera to change aperture to whatever you want? LOL.

How does it guess what you want?

The camera doesn't need to guess what you want if you can manually dial it in or program it in.

With "The Missing Program Mode", you could actually do both. Have a set program line to follow, but you could manually take over and change a setting (like aperture) and the program tries to compensate by changing one of the other settings based on your program.

Take care & Happy Shooting!

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