D800->Z7 or wait for next generation?

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I think that hiring a camera is not always a good idea...

...unless you already know the camera. I mean, who is ready to hire a camera long enough to learn everything about the camera, read the thick reference manual and play with the camera long enough to know it? It's pretty expensive, and unless you hire it for long enough you will not get the full picture of how it works, what's good and not good, which situations you have to think or use it differently and so on. Just to get your hands on the camera there is no need to hire, just go to a shop and try it there. That gives you an idea about the feel of the camera. If you like the feel, I am sure the rest will be solved automatically in time.

Another thing is that if you are not sure about it then wait. Save the money and see how it turns out. Maybe you'll feel more secure later on, maybe not, but waiting for a new model will not change anything because the new model, when it comes, will be more expensive and you will end up with the same insecure questions...

On the other hand, in the meantime, while you are waiting, the Z7 will become cheaper (maybe) so you may change your mind because of the price drop.

I think hiring cameras is more beneficial for those who are familiar with the  camera they hire and need one on short terms, temporarily.

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