Suggestions for photographing paintings

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Re: Suggestions for photographing paintings

Most serious artists want to have their work documented before they sell it. Of course with colours and shades documented as true as possible to how they see the paintings in total. However they also want to show details in each painting that they are especially proud of.

I have helped some photographers during my years.

My recipe was to create a colour profile with X-rite passport for the light in the studio where we hanged the paintings. A painting studio normally have a roof window to let in diffused light.

If the artist is a live he/she normally wants to have prints of the work that clearly show in their portfolio how they want that print to be as close as the painting.

I will invite a dear and good fried on mine. Danelle Bergström. One of Australias most. famous artist. To give her opinion how you present the work so she gets satisfied.

She herself is a very good photographer. I don't just do this to solve the problem for the one that started the thread but also to get more photographers to understand what it takes to document a painting

Dear Danelle if you have the time please comment.

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