40-150 f2.8

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Re: 40-150 f2.8

Tom Caldwell wrote:

Works well on the Panasonic GM5 ...

Be careful with the hood - I have had no issues (but) a slight low pressure left twist on the hood springs will release the catch before extending/retracting it. It can be push-pulled over the detent if required but I wonder if this is wise. Also it will deform against the springs if set down hood extended. Carrying it in a bag with hood extended might not be advisable.

Brilliant hood design but there have been tales of woe about the hoods falling apart and perhaps some sensible precautions when being used are worth taking.

In some thread eons ago I mentioned that my replacement hood's rear retaining ring was made of plastic, where as the original hood's ring was some kind of metal with grooving that was fairly abrasive to the touch.  My point being that the design may have been changed.  Anyways...

While hiking yesterday I had a minor stumble, falling onto one knee.  I was carrying the E-M1 II and 40-150 f/2.8 with the hood  extended.   In saving myself I spudded the hood into the soil.  The main section of the hood wound up bent 10-20 degrees out of alignment from the hood-mount.   The hood-mount's rear retaining ring stayed in place,  there was no explosion of springs and ball bearings.   Expecting the worse, I forced the hood barrel back into alignment.  It then functioned normally and seemed no worse for the experience, I continued my hike.

Perhaps the newer hoods may be at a bit more robust.

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