RP observations, indications of R firmware upgrade?

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Re: RP observations, indications of R firmware upgrade?

Great observations, thank you for sharing!

I've had the opportunity to play with the RP on multiple occasions - I ordered one from Amazon, was supposed to be delivered Friday but got delayed until Tuesday.

On top of that, I have an A7iii that I also bought that is sitting in the box - haven't taken it out yet because I want to try the RP (I can return the RP to Amazon, the a7iii will be harder to return if it's opened). I already know what the A7iii is capable of, so I don't need extra time with it.

For me, the RP defies logic. It is, in almost every single aspect, a massively inferior camera to the A7iii. I have no allegiances to either Sony or Canon and as a tech geek, the a7iii is a geek's dream. But I keep being drawn to the RP, not so much because of the camera (it is great!) but because of what the future may be promising with the RF mount.

It's a bit of a paradox of choice with the Sony - so much glass, so much choice. With the RP, considering no IBIS - there are only 2 native choices - the 24-105 and the 35mm Macro - both of which are phenomenal lenses. Buying both the 24-105 and the 35 comes out to lens than the A7iii with say, the Tamron 28-75.

I also agree with your statement about sales of the RP. According to our camera shop, the built-in deal for the EF to RF converter ends April 4. I think this is a huge mistake and I hope Canon permanently includes the adapter in the box. They need to take a lesson from Nikon with their FTZ adapter. If you're budget conscious (which you likely are if you're getting the RP), the RF glass is still stupidly expensive. The upcoming lenses are all going to be very expensive too (hello f2.8 L trinity with IS -- even sony doesn't do that). And frankly, it will likely be 2020 or beyond before there's an equivalent f4 trinity (which Sony does have currently).

Anyway, all in all, I keep being fascinated with the RP and what draws me to it aren't the technical specs and more about just the joy of using it and the opportunities that the RF future may hold.

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