My new Fringer Pro EF to FX Adapter

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Re: My new Fringer Pro EF to FX Adapter

I have the intention to test all my Ef lenses again. the result varies quite a lot depending on the lens.

I have the the following EF lenses: Mostly version 1.

EF 17-40/4. Was one of the best in my first test

EF 24/2,8 IS. Was also one of the better ones in test 1.

EF 24-105/4 IS. Also quite good in test one.

EF 85/1.4 IS. Must be tested more.

Sigma 70-200/2.8. Very poor result with Fringer. Just pumping. Works fine on my 5D MKIV still. Bought for 20D in 2005 I think. Useless with Fringer

EF 100/2.8 macro. Poor result in test 1. Have problems to find focus also with AF-S.

EF 70-200/4 IS. One of the best results with Fringerin test 1. Now even better with AF-S.

EF 300/4 IS. Tested again today. Slow AF-S. Slow AF-C.

EF 100-400/4-5.6 IS vers 1. Had in test 1 difficult to obtain sharp focus. Today I found it to obtain correct focus most of the time. AF-S much faster.

I will test them all for my own knowledge so I can find out which Canon EF lenses I should get rid off.

I already have all glass i need for Fuji. I will use them as the baseline.

10-24/4 OIS


50-140/2.8 OIS


1.4 TC




80/2.8 OIS macro

More tests later the coming week.

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