D800->Z7 or wait for next generation?

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Re: D800->Z7 or wait for next generation?

Spare-time photog wrote:

1.) My main reason to switch is to get rid of AF fine tune/AF micro adjustments and to get precise AF all the time. This requirement is madatory.

No worries here, The Z7's AF accuracy is beyond reproach and no need for AF tuning.

2.) Sometimes my D800 AF is hunting in dimly lit situations, and so does the life view AF, so it would be nice if the new camera shows an improved behavior in dim light conditions. This would be a nice to have feature, but it is not mandatory.

In low light the D800 might still lock focus quicker when using F-mount lenses, but with an Z-mount lens the Z7 is quite capable.

3.) I want (nearly) full frame AF point coverage. Obviously this box is ticked, the Z7 fullfills that requirement.

Oh yes - with the added benefit of all focus points being equally sensitive

I was lucky to use the Z7 for two or three hours during a workshop under real conditions, with an early 1.0.x firmware. Regrettably I wasn't instantly convinced, the AF system seems to be a weakness, i.e. I got the impression, that it is not that much superior in comparision to my D800:
At the moment I am shooting in AF-C with back button focus nearly all the time, but with the Z7 I tried, I noticed several times even under daylight conditions, that it hunts more then once.

I'm an AF-C + AF-ON button shooter myself and here is where the Z7 is really a star!

I've been using and trying a number of mirrorless cameras and NONE of them could be used successfully the way that I use my DSLR's, they just did not work properly using AF-C + BBF the way that I was accustomed to - until the Z7/Z6.

The Z7 works very much like what my D700/D800/D750 worked with AF-C + BBF - very well.

It is still my preferred way of shooting for 90% + shots that I take. In this it works as well as a D800 or D750, except that focus accuracy is better with the Z7.

My third worry:

As I use very often flash, I am a little bit concerned by the shorter flash sync time, being 1/200 (Z7) and 1/250 (my D800).

My D750 also synced at 1/200, so no difference there.

I can't say that I really noticed any difference, except that there is no built-in flash and its a pity, I actually used it on occasion.

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