Thoughts on this affordable PC build for photo editing (Lr/Ps)

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Re: Thoughts on this affordable PC build for photo editing (Lr/Ps)

I agree that LR and PS do not require a heavy GPU and might run adequately on integrated graphics. However, if you are thinking of using some other imaging software it becomes more of a need. The prime examples of this are the new AI apps from Topaz Labs, Sharpen AI and Gigapixel AI. For them, GPU is paramount. I think you need something with at least 6-8 GB VRAM.

Right now, I'm Mac only with a 2015 15" Macbook Pro (Radeon R9 370X 2GB.) But, i'm now planning a return to Windows so that I can build a machine with fast graphics without having to donate $4-5k to Apple. I've already tested and found that these apps run significantly faster under Win 10 on the same hardware (rMBP under Bootcamp.) Even my 7 year old PC desktop with R9 270X 2GB is faster than the Mac under Mojave.

FWIW, Lloyd

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