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Simplified (No programming language) variation . . .


I thought of a simplified variation.

A "Advanced Program Mode", which is still . . . "A Missing Program Mode".

It is not as powerful or versatile . . . but would, I think, let me get the mode I want.

So here is the system described.

1. Advanced Program Mode

The Advanced Program Mode lets you lock / unlock (with range), monitor and link different settings on your camera.

2. User Interface & Example

This system would be presented as a single screen.

This is an example of the key elements on that screen.

[Exposure Mode][Manual]
[Focal Length][17mm]
[Aperture][f/2.8][Link to ISO]*
[Shutter Speed][1/500][Lock]
[ISO][1/6400][Link to Aperture]*
[End Brightness][Lock]

So . . .

Exposure Mode = Manual (In this case. I could choose a different exposure mode.)

Focal Length is just showing me the current focal length of the lens. In this case I put a hypothetical Sigma 17-70mm f/2.8-4 lens on the camera.

Aperture is showing me the current aperture setting. I have the Sigma lens at 17mm and I manually set the aperture to f/2.8.

Shutter speed I manually set to 1/500sec to free the motion of the cheer athletes.

ISO I manually set to 1/6400 to get the end brightness that I want.

Meter - this is a bit shady as how this would work. But the basic idea is I don't want to use the light meter. So I disable it. It guess other options would be to lock it, like the Pentax system or pushing the AE-L button.

So, basically how this would work above is . . .

I am in manual exposure mode. I have zoomed out to 17mm and set my exposure based on that. So f/2.8 (let in lots of light) and 1/500 (fast shutter speed to freeze the motion of the cheer athletes.) and ISO 6400 to end up with a bright JPG picture.

But I have disabled the light meter, so nothing is on "auto". And I have locked the shutter speed, because I want that faster shutter speed to freeze motion.

This bit is also not so clear in my mind right now. But somehow I want to "lock" the end brightness of the image. So the camera will try to get be a combination of aperture, shutter speed and ISO that is equivalent even if I change (or one of the settings) change.

So in this case, as I zoom out on that Sigma 17-70mm f/2.8-4 variable aperture lens and the aperture drops to f/4, it tries to maintain the same end brightness. But since it can't change the ISO (because it is locked) it can only change the ISO to maintain the same end brightness.

* I have also added the Link To option here. This may be redundant. Or it may be a way to get a bit more control when introducing the light meter and "auto" back into the Advanced Program Mode.

So. Once you type in the values . . . you can save this as a user setting.

NOTE: If this program is running . . . you can still change your settings manually. If you are at 17mm focal length and decide to manually change your aperture setting to f/4, the camera will just crank up the ISO for you (in this particular example.) And even though the shutter speed is locked (in the program), you can manually change it. The lock only means the camera is not allowed to change it.

3. Link To -- ?

Ok. I don't know if Link To is redundant here or potentially a way to give more control.

If you lock one of the EV+ISO settings, and something changes, it may be obvious that it is the other setting that needs to change.

On the other hand, if you are introducing the light meter (auto) back into the system, then maybe linking 2 settings will give a sort of priority of what settings to use before handing the situation over to the camera to figure out the last variable.

Such as . . . changing shutter speed based on focal length.

Take care & Happy Shooting!

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