Recommendations for my first (possible) DSLR investment?

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Re: Recommendations for my first (possible) DSLR investment?

DJ Photo wrote:

THIS is why I don't like to participate in these forums, people like THIS.

You mean people that bother to get things right?

It RUINS for forum for the OP and knowledgeable people to be helpful

It's not being accurate that spoils things, it's people who spread confusion by going outside the proper meaning of words.

For example (from your earlier post:

pedantic, not all people use investment for profit. invest in a relationship.

Investment is like-for-like. You can invest emotional or spiritual things in a relationship to get emotional or spiritual things out. You can invest cash in an enterprise to get cash out.

You can't invest cash in a spiritual relationship to get emotional or spiritual things out.

in photography equipment, investment is rarely a measure of profit, even of financial loss,

But it is - that's the meaning of investment.

but more used as a measure for how long you will use it, so cost over time. with zero salvage.

That's nothing to do with investment but with expenditure. The two terms are different because they have different meanings. It helps no one to mix up the two different meanings.

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