OMD EM5 III features to be competitive (part II)

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JakeJY wrote:

Raist3d wrote:

Well I know fuji’s is fast and low ltency. And afaik Panasonic’s new evf isn’t interlaced

Actually double checking my math, the Panasonic S1/S1R's panel is actually 4:3 so it can actually work. The previous model (likely used by many cameras) is half the speed (so 120fps interlaced; new one is 240fps double interlaced) according to the press release for the new one. However, production date for that panel is 11/2018, so depending on how far ahead the E-M1X supply chain is, it may not have been a viable option when they were choosing panels.

Here's what the S1 has

(from mirrorless comparisons)

"The S1 features an OLED electronic viewfinder with 5,670k dots of resolution, making it the highest of all mirrorless cameras. The magnification is 0.78x, the maximum refresh rate is 120Hz and it has a minimum lag of 0.005s."

So we have not only higher res, but 120fps OLED with super low lag.  This is what the EM1X should have had at the asking price. If not the same resolution, at least more than what it has.

In either case, I would prefer a low lag OLED on the EM5 MKIII. Refresh rate competitive with Fuji (Fuji is 100fps).  I would be ok with 60fps, but please low lag.

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