Z7: rubber wearing off on the grip?

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Re: Z7: rubber wearing off on the grip?

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I noticed yesterday that mine is wearing off just like the other photos. I got the camera in January and its had very light, in studio usage... I am not happy. this is an expensive device. My D750 has been through hell and it doesn't have this kind of wear at all after 5 years...

I briefly owned the Z6 and noticed that the grip doesn't have the same indent like the D750. On the Z6 your fingers dig into the body which causes the premature rubber wear. I say either send it in for rubber replacement or get a camera half case off Amazon or Ebay.

They'll fix the grip in the ZII Still rocking my D750...

Yeah, they made tons of improvements from the D750 to the Z6 so I guess that's how it usually works.

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