EOS RP, any thoughts on sports/tracking?

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Re: EOS RP, any thoughts on sports/tracking?

lawny13 wrote:

Eh... investing deep into lenses will be a commitment regardless of manufacturer. It is for this reason why I never invested too deep into sony, and ditched them for canon as soon as the R came out. But had canon released the RP with it, I would have rather have the RP + 28-70f2 than the R with the 24-105f4. Oh well, I couldn't be patient, and I had a good sale lined up for my A7III and lenses.
Lens investment is of course a good bet. I think that RF glass will be excellent and worth it. But that means that it makes EF investment not worth it if you plan on going MILC soon or in the near future.
As for your use of 3-4 years. It was just numbers I was placing out there. In the end push the body you have as far as you can resist GAS :-P, cause unless you are a landscape photographer and shoot constantly in the ISO 50-200 range, the DR won't be that much of an issue.
Enjoy your purchase!! I know I am

Any reason why you didn't invest in Sony glass? The e-mount has an impressive set of lenses (unless you're looking for something at the very long or zooms below f/2.8).

I would argue that the E-mount is currently a lot more stable than the new RF mount. If Canon doesn't sell a ton of their new "Pro" R with those new f2.8 lenses then I worry about the future of the RF mount. If it succeeds yes it could very well be the best new mount for years to come, but if Canon flops, so will the mount and your lenses won't be worth anything.

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