My new Fringer Pro EF to FX Adapter

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Re: My new Fringer Pro EF to FX Adapter

Shooting static subjects is fine. Fringer is maybe the best adapter for Canon to Fuji. It is a fine piece of engineering.t

Have you tried to shoot playing kids or crazy running dogs.

I have with both X-Pro2, X-T2 and X-H1 and 5D MKiV.

The Canon glass works very much better on Canon and is faster then my Fuji Cameras. X-T3 might be much closer. However I got used to IBIS one will not up rade until X-H2 comes out.

It is fine to use Fringer when you have the time.

A boat doesn't suddenly leave so that is fine.

Kids playing is another thing. It is difficult even with the fastest Fujinon lenses.

When we come to crazy dogs it is impossible for the Fringer to keep up.

This is difficult also with Fujinon lenses.

This is also not easy with Canon L-lenses on a 5D MKIV.

What i want to say that Fringer works fine when you have the time. Just don't expect it to work like a Fujinon lens on Fuji, and not like it did on your Canon.

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