Help needed; Panasonic 45-200 (or similar) lenses

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Re: the 45-200, is NOT mediocre and overly big/heavy

Allan Brown wrote:

Regarding sports; The MkI version (don't know about the MkII) has a very smooth but a little loose zoom ring. This makes it great for following fast action sports where you need to zoom fast such as volleyball or Oz Rules football. I tried to do this with my 100-300 but the zoom ring was too stiff to follow the action.

I would say the zoom ring on my mk2 is very smooth and fast, but not loose. (My copy of the mk1 had zoom creep, my mk2 does not.) The obvious point of comparison for OP is the 12-60 kit lens, because the 12-60, 45-200 II and 100-300 II all share the same fit & finish. If OP likes the way the 12-60 zooms, chances are they'll like the way the 45-200 does as well.

I also agree that with Dual IS on the G80, the 45-200 II is better than the mk1 on older bodies. It seems to focus faster and more accurately too.

Not really fair to trash the mk2 based on experience with the mk1...

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