The Missing Program Mode

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Re: The Missing Program Mode

Fresch wrote:


Thanks for the post.

How about one knob for shutter speed, held open to max speed in infinite steps.

What does max speed mean?

same for ISO

Max ISO? Or do you mean just a dial?

same for lens opening.

What would the aperture be set to?

Then you could just twist each knob to get the exposure you like, f2.36 s231.24 ISO 123.54


of course the camera is in manual, but still has the camera controlled options for the automated functions only infinite steps.

What do you mean by camera controlled options for the automated functions?

Do you mean auto exposure?

That is potentially one thing I want to avoid.

I know the brightness of my subject (cheer athletes on a stage lit by flood lights.)

- f/4 (to get more athletes in focus)
- 1/500 sec shutter speed to try to freeze the motion of the athletes as they jump up into the air.
- ISO 6400 to get fairly bright JPGs straight out of camera.

No need for metering the light. I already know what I am going to shoot at.

Yes. There are slight difference per venues and who is running the competition, but its usually within 1/3 - 2/3 of a stop difference. Only one of the competitions we go to is actually 1-stop less light than the settings above.

One specific use I see for this system is to change the ISO to maintain the same end brightness of the image as the aperture value changes as I zoom in / out with a variable aperture lens.

Take care & Happy Shooting!

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