The Missing Program Mode

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Re: The Missing Program Mode

tbcass wrote:

There are a number of cameras that offer auto ISO in manual mode that will give you a consistent resulting brightness.


Thanks for the post. Good to hear from you.

But . . . no . . . auto-ISO does not work for the specific scenario I am shooting.

I am shooting indoor sports / cheer competitions.

Here is the shot that will fool the AE system to under expose the shot.

See the spot lights behind the athletes.

At this particular event those lights are off most of the time.

But right at the end of the performance they start flashing in a seemingly random fashion.

This particular shot was shot on the 2nd day of a 2-day competition.

The 1st day I actually shot aperture priority. And my camera under exposed the shots right at the end of their routine because of those spot lights.

The 2nd day, I knew if I shot manual exposure (which I was able to do because I had a constant aperture f/2.8 zoom lens) the camera would not be fooled into underexposing the shot because I was choosing the exposure values myself.

That's the thing though.

Since the athletes are lit by flood lights that is providing consistent frontal lighting . . . there is no need to let the camera guess at the exposure. I just set the exposure settings during the routine of an earlier run. Once I have it set, I can shoot those settings for the routines all day.

So, because I can looking around and figure out what is happening with the lighting, I have a better idea than the camera (which can only look forwards) of how to get the shot.

This "Missing Program Mode" would just let me do this same manual exposure method with a variable aperture lens.

Take care & Happy Shooting!

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