The Missing Program Mode

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Re: The Missing Program Mode

I would use user programmable program mode a lot. I need more flexible settings with autoexposure in a way that for example doesn't result in overexposure but still maintains best image quality.

Let's say my subject has LED display that due to multiplexing can't be shot above 1/320 without parts of it falling apart. That doesn't depend on the weather or light levels, it's a basic condition for all shots, shoot at most at 1/320 s. Then let's say I want to have some DoF control so I will prefer shooting at f/4 if possible. ISO can be left at Auto, maxmizing the incoming light. In good conditions this will lead to overexposure even at base ISO, therefore I have use higher aperture numbers. In lower light I can choose between maximizing image quality or DoF control, meaning I will prefer my aperture to open up before auto ISO will go up. This could be easily automated with couple rules but as of now I have to switch between aperture priority, shutter priority or manual, with or without auto ISO depending on current lighting conditions.

Is it too complex for most users? Well, maybe but why they need to care? It can be separate settings that you use only when you need to. Same as complex settings for autfocusing beahviour, focusing or relase priority, how erratic the subject will move and so on. We already have that and most people will be happy with the default settings. Or touchscreen which have been controversial subject yet it's simple matter of turning it on/off depending on personal preference while almost all cameras are perfectly usable also with usuall physical buttons. Fuji even has it off by default so no one can complain.

We already have computers with image sensor as number one peripheral, it can do subject recognition, face detection, eye focusing, auto white balance, dynamic range enhancement and what not so why not use the computer to better automate and customize the exposure metering system too? Phone cameras are popular and easier to use because they are not afraid to use more post processing and custom scene programs, now using AI and multiple sensors, while classic photography is stuck with couple dials that have to be turned for every small change of lighting or subject when we want to use anything else than basic automatic modes.

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