The Missing Program Mode

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Re: The Missing Program Mode

TacticDesigns wrote:

Wheatfield7 wrote:

My Pentax has user configurable shooting modes.

Problem solved for me.


I wish that would solve it for me.

But it doesn't look like there is a camera out there that operates the way I am looking for it to operate.

I asked if anyone knew of a camera with this post . . .

Take care & Happy Shooting!

I can get my Pentax cameras to work that way. They do not have user programmable program modes, but they have selectable program lines for different scenarios, FI one program line is called MTF in which the camera prioritize sharpest apertures.

By using program mode with progran shift together with below setting the shutter speed will be kept fast and the program shift basically only control aperture.

Use "sports" program line for the camera to prioritize fast shutter speed independent of focal length.

Use auto iso and set auto iso parameter to "normal" or "fast" for auto iso to switch to higher iso on faster shutter speeds.

Not sure if all brand can be set up this way, but Nikon has the minimum shutter speed setting for auto iso that probably can be used for this.

But the main problem with this is the metering, as you want a metering that meters a small portion of the scene. So you need to either use spot metering off the faces or use face detection that only meters off the detected faces.

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