not terribly afraid of f/8 on my 2500

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Re: not terribly afraid of f/8 on my 2500

Jon_T wrote:

gardenersassistant wrote:

Jon_T wrote:

From these shots, (and my own FZ80 experiences) using apertures smaller than f/5.6 in hopes of greater DOF will obliterate IQ .

My experience differs. Over the past 10 years, for invertebrates, now with an FZ330 and previously with two FZ200s and an SX10, all 1/2.3" sensors, I have used f/8 pretty much all the time. I don't feel IQ gets obliterated.

Hi Nick,

The FZ80 with its lens and 1/2.3" 18MP sensor IQ does drop beyond f/5.6, as per the sample screen-shot image I posted.

In addition the FZ80's inherent sensor noise compounds the softer IQ at longer focal lengths.

You can read Graham Houghton's FZ80 user review HERE, scroll down page to
"The Panasonic Lumix FZ80/82 x60 Bridge Camera".

I concur with the above review by Graham Houghton as to the FZ80's lens:
"... From 50mm EFL to around 600mm EFL the lens delivers very good resolution right across the frame and into the corners.
Optimum aperture is the widest available (lowest f-number) at each focal length thus:
70mm = f4.3, 135mm = f5.3, 400-600mm f5.6. ..."

I bought the FZ80 hoping to use it with the 20-1200mm EFL lens in lieu of using my FZ200 with Pany LT55 1.7X tele converter to obtain similar focal range.

As to overall IQ (image quality), the FZ200 noticeably better, especially at higher ISO's.

In fact my ZS50 overall IQ noticeably better than the FZ80 I have.

I may have a bad FZ80 sample, but been to several online FZ80 reviews and my FZ80 images are similar to all the online sample images.


Ah, I didn't realise your comment was specific to the FZ80. I took it, wrongly, as a comment about using smaller than f/5.6 on 1/2.3". Thanks for the clarification.

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