not terribly afraid of f/8 on my 2500

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Re: not terribly afraid of f/8 on my 2500

Jon_T wrote:

Dak on cam wrote:

Jon_T wrote:

Dak on cam wrote:

Jon_T wrote:

Dak on cam wrote:

f:8 is diffraction domain on the 1/2.33" sensor of a DMC-FZ200 and its small-sensor cousins. On an 1" sensor, you'd be on f:16 at least for comparable softness. ...

Where did you 'read' this? Provide link?

This implies that I am parroting something I read rather than having workable knowledge.

The value relevant for diffraction is the actual aperture size (rather than aperture number) which tends to scale with the crop factor. ...

This I agree does not match what is happening since the diffraction pattern is scaled by the subsequent optic path. So it is indeed the aperture number that determines the diffraction pattern on the sensor.

This pattern is picked up using the pixel pitch of the camera. The pixel pitch of an FZ2500 is 2.4µm. The pixel pitch of an FZ80 is 1.26µm, making the diffraction pattern cover double as many pixels in each direction. The pixel pitch of an FZ330 is 1.53μm.  So the same amount of per-pixel diffraction happens for narrower apertures on the FZ2500, and they have about the same number of pixels (18MP vs 20MP).  The pixel pitch is about double, and consequently aperture numbers can be double before you get comparable diffraction.

This is not really controversial.  How about you come up with any reference that would state otherwise?

I was referring to the f/8 for /2.3" sensor and f/16 for 1"-Type Sensor values—rest is just technical gibberish without link/ backup to substantiate.

If you are allergic to technical gibberish, I could not provide an acceptable reference for you anyway.

From these shots, (and my own FZ80 experiences) using apertures smaller than f/5.6 in hopes of greater DOF will obliterate IQ .

The FZ80 is a 1/2.3" sensor design.

Well, and the thread was about using f:8 on an FZ2500, so your f:8 experience on an FZ80 is not relevant to the thread since the FZ80 is a 1/2.3" sensor design.

If you go back to my FIRST reply I was ASKING where you got the f/8 and f/16 values, as I was questing the validity NOT complaining.

If you are convinced that the relation of diffraction to sensor size is the same for small and large sensors, what do you make of lenses for 1/2.3" sensors generally stopping at f:8 while lenses for full-frame cameras often go to f:22?

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