Interesting new Ricoh GRIII metering - expose to the right finally?

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Old time Ricoh user’s lament ...

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My GR-ii auto-exposure almost always gives blown-out highlights, most often in skies/clouds, requiring me to use negative exposure compensation almost always, so that model was already exposing too much to the right if you ask me.

I think maybe you mean the opposite though...

No, he's right.

ETTR is not about overexposing. It's about exposing in such a way that the brightest part of the image is *just* within the dynamic range of the sensor, i.e. as much on the right hand side of the histogram as possible.

The basic idea is that the brightest part of an image can hold the most detailed information. It is well worth looking up how it works.

To take advantage of the full resolving capacity of your sensor, you might want to overexpose for darkish scenes, or underexpose for scenes with bright highlights.

hth, Wim


Agree with your last sentence. I always used -1/3 sometimes-2/3 exp comp with my GR I and II knowing I can easily pull out all that shadow detail these cameras have...and I never had issues with blown highlights.

And not sure if you’ve noticed, but I’m finding the III has much better DR which also helps retain highlight detail. Here’s an example. DNG file processed with Adobe Camera Raw. I adjusted my shadows and added a little vibrance, but did nothing else to the image. I was pleased to see how nicely the highlights are rendered. I could not have done this with my GR.



Hi Ned,

I have been off on a long holiday elsewhere but come back to have a look now and then - I guess once a Ricoh fan .... but it does grieve me that the concept of a 28mm FF fov folding lens in an ultra compact body does not stir my soul as much as it once did.

The GR itself was just that smidgen too large for me to carry everywhere and that so nicely tooled leather belt holster was brilliant but did not help make belt wearing easier with the thickness of that exquisite leather.

Twice in pocket and I get my first ever Ricoh camera dust bunny.

No chance of a GR with M4/3 mount and I have such a nice collection of M4/3 lenses now ...

It always amazes me that Ricoh fans who truly loved the sliver-sensor on the GRD series cameras now have embraced the “large” aps-c sensor so much that they now look down their noses at the “tiny” 4/3 sensor as not nearly adequate enough.  Surely Fuji cameras are the prime target of Ricoh expatriates but this forum seems relatively silent on the M4/3 mount.

With M4/3 you have a range of lens choices that would make the Fuji-X look bare table and the mount also offers not only many camera body size opportunities but als a good range of body shape styles as well.

Pity that the GM series is no longer made but it does offer a market opportunity for Ricoh to make a GR body with 4/3 sensor and M4/3 mount.  Unfortunately Panasonic has already done its R&D and even if they deign not to make a GM successor they will suddenly find an urgent need to make an update version just as soon as a rival tried to enter a niche that they consider “theirs”.

So whilst I am interested inthe GRIII it seems that I will have to pass.  Stangely the original GR was more attractively priced but then Ricoh had to see off the Nikon A at the time ...  Now no one else is interested in that niche ...

But the real reason for the response here is that I wish to support and confirm that the old Ricoh hands always set their camera to EV -1/3 or -2/3 as their start position setting - none of this “EV=0” nonsense basically you can better recover the dark areas than replace over-exposed where all the capture data has been blown away.

Oh, and the rather nice Mode2 focus peaking from the GXR which nobody as ever thought to copy is surely wasted on a GR body as Ricoh’s manual focus on the GR is not one of its strong points.  Maybe the GRIII has corrected this?  But I still use it as the default on my now little used GR for checking AF, its truly Ricoh-wacky-weirdness, and how well it works to show the exact level of sharp focus right across the full capture plane. The best focus peaking ever and seems to be a Ricoh exclusive.

I can just hear the comments ... “what is mode2 focus peaking?  How do I find it and use it?”.

Why, oh why didn’t Ricoh persevere with the GXR and spend so much money developing a FF dslr?  Water under the bridge I suppose and water will never run uphill of its own accord.

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