XF-10 auto focus problems - are they real?

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Re: Now why do you ask...

Ben Herrmann wrote:

Aren't our personal preferences, errrr, ahhhh....personal (subjective? I'm in my early 70's - not as steady as I used to be, although I'm in superb physical condition. I've found IS capabilities invaluable, in particular, the good designs. If you want to be spoiled, try some of the Olympus 5-6 Axis IBIS systems - uncanny really. I used to lug around tons of gear to include either a monopod or a lighter tripod. Now anymore - IS for me it is. If others don't need or want IS, well good for them - as it's a world of choices that we have.

I don't know if that answered your question or not.

I wasn't suggesting you're wrong wanting ibis in a street camera. I was wondering if you used it whilst on the move and whilst using a relatively fast shutter speed. See I don't really know what if any advantage there is in me using it. I'm getting a Sony A9 soon and I'm not really sure if I should use it seeing as I'm generally on the move, shooting a moving subject at 1/500s+.

I appreciate there are many ways to shoot street where i.s. can be invaluable. I keep meaning to stop, compose and shoot more but I rarely do. Getting back on subject - with the XF10 having a fixed screen and no EVF shooting from the chest seems natural. Maybe I'll stick a fast 50mm on my A7S - that'll force me to use the tilt screen and focus peaking to get my shot..

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