not terribly afraid of f/8 on my 2500

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Re: not terribly afraid of f/8 on my 2500

Dak on cam wrote:

Jon_T wrote:

Dak on cam wrote:

Jon_T wrote:

Dak on cam wrote:

Jim N'AZ wrote:

Took a little jaunt out into our springtime desert and came across this quite colorful juxtaposition of death and new life.

I cranked my aperture down to f/8 to get as much of that foreground in focus as possible and still hold the tree somewhat sharp, all the while knowing(?) that the overall sharpness would likely suffer slightly. Nope, nada, as far as I can see and I have applied no sharpening whatsoever. I did a whole series while resorting to f/8 and all are quite sharp.

f:8 is diffraction domain on the 1/2.33" sensor of a DMC-FZ200 and its small-sensor cousins. On an 1" sensor, you'd be on f:16 at least for comparable softness. ...

Where did you 'read' this? Provide link?

The value relevant for diffraction is the actual aperture size (rather than aperture number) which tends to scale with the crop factor. ...

I was referring to the f/8 for /2.3" sensor and f/16 for 1"-Type Sensor values—rest is just technical gibberish without link/ backup to substantiate.

From these shots, (and my own FZ80 experiences) using apertures smaller than f/5.6 in hopes of greater DOF will obliterate IQ .

The FZ80 is a 1/2.3" sensor design. Of course, if you are angling for greater DOF, a full-frame sensor will buy you squat since its proportionally larger real f causes a proportionally smaller DOF again, so the proportionally larger aperture numbers before getting diffraction are no net gain.

REALLY? I'm well aware the FZ80, FZ200, and many other cameras' sensor size. Was ONLY referring to whenusing the FZ80 that using smaller aperture than the FZ80's lens selected focal length's max aperture the increased diffraction will nullify any DOF gain.

As I CLEARLY posted:

"... With my FZ80 I try to keep zoom max to 1033mm EFL which has a f/5.6, as lens longer focal lengths/ smaller max apertures degrades IQ . ..."

Again, the rest of your reply does not mean 'squat' to my post.

In the future, PLEASE keep your replies to the subject matter in my post and dispense with all the technical gibberish which so far has not been relevant.

Jim wrote that f:8 yielded ok results on his 1" sensor FZ2500 camera. I said that f:8 was problematic rather on 1/2.3" sensors. You violently complained that f:8 was bad on your FZ80 camera and I was talking nonsense. ....

If you go back to my FIRST reply I was ASKING where you got the f/8 and f/16 values, as I was questing the validity NOT complaining.

To which I replied that the FZ80 is one of the 1/2.3" cameras for which I stated that f:8 would not work well. ...

That's not was you posted.  You only posted that the "FZ80 is a 1/2.3" sensor design." as if I was not aware it was; then you started discussing full frame ... not relevant.

.... So now you complain that my original reply to Jim's observation about his FS2500 camera does not match the "subject matter" in what you wrote in response to my reply? ...

Again, as noted previously in my FIRST reply was ONLY a request to substantiate  YOUR statementas to the f/8 and f/16 values — NOTHING MORE.

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