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Leonard Shepherd wrote:

SpartanWarrior wrote:

From what I can see is the Z7 is great for everything except it sucks for BIF,

While the Z7 is not quite the equal the D5 (neither it seems is any Sony) - it does not "suck".

I don’t own the D5 but I used the D4 and a D500 now and there’s a lot to say about the Sony A9 and how it does BIF, more so with the new 5.0 firmware. It’s absolutely great. I really doubt the D5 is better doing BIF or anything that move fast.

Trying to follow a bald eagle in air the Z7 looses focus and tries to focus on the sky

Obviously start with AF-C for a moving subject.

With single point AF if you cannot hold the camera steady you can loose the subject.

If you can frame the bird reasonably steady, dynamic area AF works well.

Wide Area - W tracks across the frame - though with not the fastest tracking ability.

For a bird against a blue sky Auto Area AF tracks just as fast as on a D500 or D850. With an eagle against the sky letting the camera track the closest subject (the eagle) should do what you want OK.

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