How can an amateur make money off their photos?

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Re: How can an amateur make money off their photos?

Jasper Young wrote:

Hello all,

I'm an amateur photographer. It's one of my biggest hobbies. I shoot mainly nature and landscapes.

Do any of you know any good ways for an amateur to make money off their photos? I'm trying to save up to buy a better telephoto zoom lens

Thanks for the help!

This won't really answer your question but might help you see how someone "get there".

I have a couple of friends who participate in events through school (photography club). What happen there is that you start doing coverage of a lot of different stuff. You don't always do something you want but eventually you become this reliable person who cover the event. More serious event come up and guess what, you're the best fit to cover it. They actually pay you to do that. When you've reached that point, you just started doing money out of photography, congrats.

Photography competition is a good way to obtain visibility. I think that ultimately, to really make money, you need to work for someone who seek what you do. Selling a few pictures to stranger won't get you very far IMO.

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