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Re: plane overhead

I was experimenting with the camera's art effect bracketing feature so, I set up for about 10 of the effects. One of the one's I chose to process was used in my post here. This is one straight out of the camera. As you can see, the underside is dark. The one I used I lifted the shadows. I'm thinking the combination of the art effect and the processing introduced/revealed the vertical lines. Also, I happen to like using the Olympus apps (Photoshop Express) for quick processing on my iPhone; yes it's a smaller file as well. When I do that I've been adding the Olympus Pen logo of late (for my posts on social media like Facebook). All told, I definitely can see where the look of it could beg the question as to whether it was a shot of something other than the actual subject, like a tv monitor will produce on some images. So, no worries, it's all good. And, the fact that we are talking about the output isn't a bad thing.

Note: the plane was travelling towards the local airport nearby in Kissimmee.

BostonBoy wrote:

LackingCommonSensor wrote:

BostonBoy wrote:

Hmmm….did you shoot this off a picture for the original Pen campaign? The plane would be fitting from the time. What's up with the vertical lines in the picture?!

Ummmmmmmm, no. The vertical lines were a byproduct of the processing. Am I detecting some doubt on your part as to my picture's authenticity because your question reads that way. Not cool.

Joe - no offense. I did not want to step on your toes at all, and I certainly shouldn’t have made a comment in a rush this morning. Apologies.

Still I’m curious in regards to the vertical lines. At first I thought you might have shot an Orginal Pen with slide film and scanned it, than I thought you might have photographed your own slide from the past. As an Aviator I certainly liked your Sujet.

Do you know and can you explain what happened during the processing? Curious mind wants to understand....thanks.

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