OMD EM5 III features to be competitive (part II)

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Re: So what would be your list?

Raist3d wrote:

What do you think the EM5 MKIII will or should have to be market competitive when it comers out, and/or what do you think it can or should do, to be better than the Em5MKII?

Honestly, not too radically different, but I have very modest expectations.

  • 20MP sensor is of course table stakes
  • PDAF may be the only way Olympus can achieve decent AF - Panasonic uses DFD, so Olympus is sort of the last hold-out for basic CDAF, and it shows in their performance. They already have the sensor, so it probably would behoove them to use the IMX270 from the E-M1 II in this body. I don't expect miracles of tracking performance, though.
  • Same IBIS as existing E-M5 II would be fine, it's still much better than any non-M4/3 competitor.
  • Same EVF optics would be fine, they're still much bigger and better than any non-M4/3 competitor. A new OLED panel, like the one in the G85, seems obligatory though. It's been years.
  • 4K video (duh).
  • Obviously all the little software updates that have come over time (Touchpad AF, focus stacking, new Live modes, etc...)

Really, a very modest update that only transplants the core guts and keeps the price in check at the same $1000 MSRP as the E-M5 II seems like a good idea.

Note that this is also the strategy of their competitors. They sell extremely basic no-frills bodies that happen to have decent sensors in them, and people ooh and ahh that they only cost $900-1000. That seems like a good way to go. Low price trumps most things when it comes to perceived value.

Pushing upmarket always seems like folly for Olympus, since they already have options to fill those categories. And an E-M1 III will be coming eventually.

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