* The Weekly Image Thread 19 03 23 #353 pt2 *

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Re: * The Weekly Image Thread 19 03 23 #353 pt2 *

They actually stumble a bit. Probably nervous from having a photo taken. I am too. I got out of the car and walked along a berm next to the road. They were wary but not startled until I jumped off the berm onto the road to get a closer look. I backed off and walked back to the car.

Traffic came along at 50-60MPH when they walked across the road. I thought they might be road kill if I didn't wave the traffic to slow down. Probably not a problem. The only thing that bothered them were the semis that zoomed by when they were standing on the shoulder. They didn't move much though, kept foraging when the trucks passed.

I wondered if there were bears, cougars and wolves in the area. Probably not enough food for bears. Cougars and wolves probably hunt at night. I probably should have stayed in the car.

I don't think I came close enough to threaten them enough to charge. A headbutt or being hooked by a horn could be deadly. They can probably cut you to pieces with sharp hooves. They looked docile but any wild animal can attack to protect or if provoked. On the Olympic Peninsula we had to relocate aggressive goats.

I got back in the car and though the moment had passed but they wandered up the road until they stood right across from me, probably didn't see me sitting in the car with the camera poking out the window.

Look at that wink. He liked me car.

Magnificent animals.

I don't think I could get closer in a zoo

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