HX99 as second camera to FF mirrorless

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Re: HX99 as second camera to FF mirrorless

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@CaliforniaDave, I'm curious, why would you not recommend the TZ100? As I said, the TZ200 is one other option, and I understand the two are quite similar, but the 200 is longer.

With a 1” sensor, I expected the TZ100 to have substantially better IQ than 1/2.3” sensor cameras, such as the ZS60 and ZS70, which I have both owned, or the HX90V. Occasionally it did, but in general it did not have substantially better IQ. Partially that was due to mediocre lens quality (noted in numerous reviews), and also when shooting 4K video, due to a nervous AF system as well as a serious crop. There is a reason that 1” Sony cameras such as the recent RX100 series cost substantially more than 1” Panasonic models. They have better lenses, better QC, and in recent models PDAF as well as CDAF.

I actually prefer the menu system and ergonomics of Panasonic over Sony, but I think that Panasonic is making a big mistake not integrating PDAF in their higher end models, and not addressing QC issues in their midrange models.

How much telephoto reach do you need? The RX100VI has moderate reach combined with excellent IQ and AF.

Thank you, that's a big eye-opener about the TZ100 (and I assume it mostly applies to the 200 as well). Seeing as it's considerably more expensive, and somewhat bigger, its main advantage was the bigger sensor. So if it doesn't bring about much of an improvement in IQ after all, I'm inclined to eliminate it as an option.

As for the RX100VI, it's been suggested to me before, but I was hoping for at least a 300mm equivalent focal length, and it's also way more expensive than what I had in mind. I could go above the HX99 list price, but I'd rather not by much, for something I'd only use occasionally. Again, apologies if I sound like I'm looking for a unicorn, and thank you to everyone offering their opinion.

You are asking reasonable questions and stating your needs, which really helps out giving relevant answers. You also don’t have unreasonable expectations of a high zoom 1/2.3” camera. The HX99 has 4K video, RAW, and a better menu system, compared to the HX90V, but lacks GPS.

Chris and Jordan, who now work for dpreview, did a review of the tz100 when they were at thecamerastoretv, and it is relevant to my experience:


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