OMD EM5 III features to be competitive (part II)

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Re: OMD EM5 III features to be competitive (part II)

I think I would simplify it. Broadly, the E-M5 III should be comparable to the XT30 with the following trade offs:

Giving up

1) 2/3 stop sensor performance (latest sensor required to close the gap as much as possible)

2) Slight AF performance drop (but this should be as minimal as possible to XT30 - PDAF required)

What you get

a) Great IBIS (put the latest and best. For many this more than cancels the 2/3 sensor disadvantage - IBIS is forgiving for bad technique which is common)

b) WR and better build quality

c) Overall smaller package

If it’s broadly comparable they can charge XT30 +$100-$200. Most the angst I see is fears over 2).

What I believe the E-M5 III would really benefit from is some headline ‘computational’ photography capability. This will capture the minds, boost coverage/discussion free & create a strong positive narrative around it (vs angst today).

This could be with HHHR or it could be a couple of other things.

This requires the next gen professor over what’s used in the 1X (as it’ll need to be single core). I hope the extra time will have given time for this to come to market. Based on advances in smartphone processors it’s quite possible.

The processor and software Olympus build around it is going to be key for the next E-M5 III - especially given the slowing release cycles.

A better processor will allow growth down the line with software updates (although as much should be in for launch as possible). Fuji has been pretty good with squeezing additional performance with firmware updates.

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