HX99 as second camera to FF mirrorless

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Re: HX99 as second camera to FF mirrorless

hawk15 wrote:

Seen several travelers with a similar setup with the HX90V and a FE. GPS on the little guy is an added bonus.

CaliforniaDave wrote:

I have own and used a wide variety of Sony cameras [...]

Thanks so much for this, it's exactly this kind of feedback I was hoping for, from people who have had first hand experience, or have seen others try out this setup (not to discount the excellent input I got from the others who replied, of course). Most of the reviews I could find were from the perspective of people planning to use the HX as an all-rounder, whereas I'd only be using it at 100mm (equivalent) and beyond, which skews the conclusions a bit.
The polarization quirk I'd read about, but thankfully, I don't usually wear my sunglasses while shooting, so it wouldn't bother me much.
@CaliforniaDave, I'm curious, why would you not recommend the TZ100? As I said, the TZ200 is one other option, and I understand the two are quite similar, but the 200 is longer.

Prognathous wrote:

Why would image quality be better than a phone? The sensor size is similar and the ultrazoom lens is much more difficult to design than a wide angle prime lens used on most phones. I'd expect image quality to be at best similar.

I would've expected the extreme miniaturization of the phone camera (lens, electronics, etc.) as well as the inflexible (usually aggressive) post-processing to have more negative impact on final image quality. But you may be right, perhaps I'm already setting unreal expectations, so let's just go with "on par with a good phone camera", and I'd probably be ok with that, given the other advantages you yourself mentioned. I have looked at the Stylus line, though, and indeed, they look a bit bigger than what I'd be willing to pack on a "just in case" basis.

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