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Re: Focus stacking with adapted lenses

Banderras wrote:

Hi, Thanks for an interesting thread. Could you check, when and if you have a moment, if focus stacking works with canon lenses with the fringer adapter? I am interested in adapting some macro lenses, and cannot justify xf80 for such a niche case. And may be other would find this info interesting too. Thank you!

Have not tested focus stacking. However my old 100/2,8 makro have huge problems to get focus. It jumps around for many seconds and might finally find focus. Sometimes it can't.

Don't know if the later model with IS is better. There is a big difference how different L-lenses works with the Fringer adapter. Some are not too bad. Just a bit worse than the worst Fujinon lenses. Some are a real disaster. When it comes to AF-C they are all working horrible.

That is why I went and paid 2000 USD for a second hand 5D MKIV. Using Canon lenses on Fuji was not for me a useful solution.

I anyhow had all the Fuji lenses that I need. The same goes for Canon.

I have tried my latest Canon 85/1,4 IS lens on Fuji for portraits. It is still working so much worse that I always use the Canon camera for shooting that lens.

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