XT30 what color?

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Re: XT30 what color?

Miguel-C wrote:

John Gellings wrote:

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alexchan wrote:

Miguel-C wrote:

Charcoal all the way. Black is also nice and professional.

I find silver Fuji's tacky and cheap looking

I prefer silver because it look classic, it doesn't look cheap to me because I have a few old film SLR in silver, the silver part also look pretty similar. But one drawback for silver is during daylight, it has more reflection.

When i said cheap, i meant the materials and the paint job. It has that fake plastic silver color coating. Really takes away from the design of the camera in my opinion.

With a daker color its easier to mistake it with metal.

Yet the silver parts are metal on the X-T30...

Wasnt aware of that, they were plastic on the Xt20.

I'm pretty sure they are. They don't feel like metal to touch. Can't find the specifics anywhere online but I'm pretty sure the silver area is not metal on the X-T20. Not sure about the X-T30.

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