EM1 2 poor results.

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Re: Camera movement when aquiring focus

DLBlack wrote:

I agree that it is a odd behavior. I have experience that with birds like sandhill cranes and great blue herons where at a certain distance where the subject (bird head in my case) is on the smaller size due to distance of the subject the camera will miss focus and either nothing obvious or something near the target will be in focus. I initially solved this issue by having the enlarge focus function assigned to a button and go to this when needed. I have now gone to rechecking the focus and bump the focus again when it mis-focus. It usually nails it on the bump focus. I guess another work around is to use AF+MF option. I am guessing this behavior has to do with the size of the target, camera movement when acquiring focus and he small AF box. Anyhow when out photographing rabbits again try the enlarge AF option and see if it will help and also see how much movement you have when trying to handhold the camera with the 300mm lens.

In wild life shooting now or never cases 5 group target gives much consistent and reliable results. If one is not sure of hand holding targeting and aim with single point. Even setting release priority off gives better results. No harm trying these options, - Sanjay

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