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Re: Some tips which will help:

jalywol wrote:

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Joe Reynolds wrote:

>>and is way too dark in the sunlight.<<<

On the R you can turn up the brightness. Not sure about RP.

The RP lets you do both.

Too bad the OP didn't bother to look that up before complaining about it.


Oh no: _You_ should have looked it over, before stating the wrong claim.

In the RP you can only adjust the screen brightness together with the viewfinder. Use search in the PDF manual. It will lead you to the page 373, where there is a menu item "Disp. Brightness." Pretty standard stuff.

Nooo. Guess what:

While looking through the EVF when on the "Disp Brightness" menu page, magically there appears, at the upper right corner of the screen, the notation "Viewfinder", and when you, with your eye to the EVF, then adjust the slider, it ONLY adjusts the brightness of the EVF!

Great, this really works!  Thanks for the tip!

The manual for the RP is partly incomplete.  I just got from Canon support email explaining questions regarding setting to the control ring:  RP manual uses a term "metering button", not appearing anyplace else in the manual.

Then, when you take your eye off the EVF, and the screen display comes on, the "Disp Brightness" menu comes up on the rear LCD with, in the top right corner, the word "Display"! Magic! Now you can adjust the brightness for the DISPLAY only!


Exactly this property of the OVF, which is to follow the ambient light, is one of its enduring qualities, which is so difficult to emulate in the EVF.

No, I disagree. The EVF gives you an entirely accurate picture of what the sensor is seeing in terms of exposure at any given moment. No OVF can do that. Brightness of

You say that you disagree, and proceed with a description of a differing property of the EVF display.  That is all true what you say, and many people mention this ability of EVF to show the exposed image as its major virtue.

However, our eyes are what we have, correct?  If I cannot see the details in a too dim EVF with my eyes, than that is a fact of life for me, and possibly to many others.

Aside of this: It is really, really about physics:  The energy of light passing through OVF is always a proper proportion of the ambient light.  EVF, even the newest OLED, can shine only so bright, while eating more battery, and than its over.  Sun will win the energy battle.  I noted in the past on my Nikon V1 (dated, because released many years back) and on Olympus 5 Mk II that the adaptation of the EVF to ambient light conditions were often sluggish.  In some reversed cases in low light the EVF was almost blinding!  This is a work in progress.  The RP sometimes tends to flare up the EVF, and than as if to correct its setting back so that one can see the image.  That is so in need to getting used to...

the display in response to the ambient light is a totally different thing. I always know, when using a mirrorless camera, whether with LCD or EVF, the exposure that I am seeing on the screen is what is going to be recorded by the sensor. You cannot do that with an OVF. If I have to bump up the gain on the displays to see them outside, they still are going to show whether or not the exposure is correct; adjusting display gain has nothing to do with that.

Look, I've been using mirrorless cameras now for 8 years. I've gotten so used to being able to see what exactly the sensor is seeing when I shoot that when I go back to an OVF, I feel like I am shooting totally blind for all parameters except composition. What I will say is that there is a learning curve with EVF use, and you need to approach it a little differently than you would an OVF so you can learn how to get the most out of it. Same thing with a bunch of little tweaks about mirrorless in general, It's just a bit different than what you are used to, and it takes time to get the hang of it all.

That is fine, that's why I got the RP.  Its priced at a stunning level for a full-frame, great to walk with it for extended periods of time.  Good to get adapted to the work with EVF.  I am sure this will be a great hit for Canon, and I am sure that I will grab in the future one of the more advanced bodies.  Now we need lenses for RF, lets see where this go.


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