Interesting new Ricoh GRIII metering - expose to the right finally?

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Re: Interesting new Ricoh GRIII metering - expose to the right finally?

teemodk wrote:

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teemodk wrote:


Coincidentally - a clean black wall shot with full ETTR should also come out white, so an in-camera ETTR implementation should probably include a safeguard on the maximum amount of stops to overexpose when possible.

Only if you want to use the jpeg directly from the camera. If you want the least amount of noise in the raw image, you want to give it as much light as possible.

... without clipping and loosing important detail.


Yes, that's how I understand ETTR. To the right, but not beyond.

But my concern a lot of posts ago was: Will it protect from (over) saturated colors of flowers and the like?

That too is just (per-channel) highlight protection.

I'm green, but not that green. The question was does it work!?

IDK but no reason for it not to, in a mirrorless camera metering is done by image analysis directly from the sensor unlike in a DSLR where a separate sensor is used which may or may not be color-aware.

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