OMD EM5 III features to be competitive (part II)

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Re: OMD EM5 III features to be competitive (part II)

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JakeJY wrote:

Well the details of the G90/G95 is leaking out. I think this will be the benchmark camera for the E-M5 III much more than that from any other format.

well looking at the tier in price of the past em5’s, I don’t think it’s possiboe to avoid non Panasonic competition in the conversation basically Oanasonic just added but didn’t substract- as part of the competition set

and same deal for Panasonic vs the market

Instead of like with E-M1 II where Panasonic unexpectedly came out later from the left field with the G9, this time the position will be flipped. It may be too late to make feature changes (other than perhaps software) in response but at the very least it'll inform on launch price.

but this agains assumes m43 cameras in a vacuum the competition applies to both Olympus and Panasonic- even if they also apply between each other

M43 doesn't exist in a vacuum, but the G90/G95 is way more significant than you put it. You can even see on this forum. The E-M1 II very rarely gets compared to cameras of other formats, but is almost always compared with the G9. I have zero doubt the biggest hit to E-M1 II sales was the G9. I expect the same with the G90/G95 vs E-M5 III.

Does it?  I thought there we’re a lot of comparisons in general form m43 to other formats  but also saying that this forum represents a good sample of the market doesn’t strike me as accurate

i agree this camera is an em5 mkiii competitor but at the same time a Fuji xt30 is a formidable competitor to both  week see where the price falls  hopefully the panasonic will still be weather sealed

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