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Re: The Birds

That last image is a beauty Rich !

As for the pigeons, I never used to give them much thought beyond the “swarming pest” or as they are known here “rats with wings”.

But that was before I found a dying one propped up against a shop window on a busy sidewalk. It looked like it has been hit by a car, covered in blood. When I passed back that way an hour later it was still there so I went back to the office and brought a cardboard box , put the bird in and took it to my car in the basement car park. I thought the poor bird should die somewhere other than on a sidewalk with uncaring humans taking no notice

When I left work that day I was surprised to find the bird was still alive.

I took it home, cleaned it up and gave it water. It had lice and other crawling things which I killed. It was pretty banged up and I didn’t expect it to live.

9 years later he is a member of our family, has an avery in the yard with grass and rocks, gets to sun and bath, walks the yard with the wild doves that visit (under supervision lest a falcon takes him), chases our dog, sleeps in my hand if I let him. He can’t fly but gets around just fine. If I open the back door he runs and comes in and goes straight to his cardboard box on the floor where he cuddles down with some small soft toys, and he will not poop in that box, even if he’s in there for hours - my wife reminds me to take the bird outside to poop.

Clean and free of parisites and bonded with humans this bird is a great pet, and away from other pigeons he has developed a unique personality and behaviour which is astonishing.

I look at pigeons differently now.

Thanks for telling your story and posting these pics.


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