A7iii does video thru microscope

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Re: A7iii does video thru microscope

You are most welcome!

Yes, most certainly - the Sony mirrorless can be mounted on any microscope system certainly your A7r2.

What you need is a suitable adapter. You can simply pick  up one at eBay for a modest price. The adapters are available to canon and Nikon mounts but you can get an extra NEX to EOS adapter ( very cheap).

Here are two links:

AmScope CA-CAN-SLR Canon SLR/DSLR Camera Adapter for Microscopes (this one has s relay lens already in the adapter).


Lens Adapter Ring For Canon EOS EF Lens To Sony NEX3 NEX5 E Mount Camera


Be aware of the mechanical tube length of the microscope, the older traditional style used 160mm which is common on many scopes; some newer scopes use infinity objectives but I would guess your swift is most likely on the 160mm TL design.

Corelli wrote:

Thanks for the excellent information!

I have Swift binoculars and they're great.

Would a cheaper microscope like the one you linked to on Amazon be capable of supporting a Sony A7r2?

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