Interesting new Ricoh GRIII metering - expose to the right finally?

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Re: Interesting new Ricoh GRIII metering - expose to the right finally?

SirPeepsalot wrote:

teemodk wrote:


Coincidentally - a clean black wall shot with full ETTR should also come out white, so an in-camera ETTR implementation should probably include a safeguard on the maximum amount of stops to overexpose when possible.

Only if you want to use the jpeg directly from the camera. If you want the least amount of noise in the raw image, you want to give it as much light as possible.

At some point the marginal benefit becomes negligible and if you ETTR a uniform dark surface your image will be dominated by haze and a heightened black point all while requiring multiple additional stops of shutter speed.

Might be true, I have never felt the need to photograph black walls
Anyway, it's always the user that is to blame for the outcome, never the camera. Learning to use the equipment is more important than features. But if the new exposure mode actually works it would indeed be very helpful.

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