not terribly afraid of f/8 on my 2500

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Re: not terribly afraid of f/8 on my 2500

Dak on cam wrote:

Jim N'AZ wrote:

Took a little jaunt out into our springtime desert and came across this quite colorful juxtaposition of death and new life.

I cranked my aperture down to f/8 to get as much of that foreground in focus as possible and still hold the tree somewhat sharp, all the while knowing(?) that the overall sharpness would likely suffer slightly. Nope, nada, as far as I can see and I have applied no sharpening whatsoever. I did a whole series while resorting to f/8 and all are quite sharp.

f:8 is diffraction domain on the 1/2.33" sensor of a DMC-FZ200 and its small-sensor cousins. On an 1" sensor, you'd be on f:16 at least for comparable softness. ...

Where did you 'read' this? Provide link?

Diffraction also dependent on sensor's pixel density, lens optical design, actual aperture opening shape (i.e., some form of hexagonal shape with simple five or six straight aperture blades, or of the seven+ 'rounded' aperture blades).

Reminds of wanting, but never getting around to doing, is a f-stop comparison tests with my ZS50 and FZ200. With my ZS50 going beyond f/5.6 (250mm EFL) image degradation becomes more noticeable.

From 'casual' observations the FZ200's images in the 250-600mm EFL are noticeably better than the ZS50.

With my FZ80 I try to keep zoom max to 1033mm EFL which has a f/5.6, as lens longer focal lengths/ smaller max apertures degrades IQ .

Awhile back Anayv posted some FZ80 20mm EFL shots at f/2.8, f/3.2 ( f/4 intended), f/5.6 and f/8.

From these shots, (and my own FZ80 experiences) using apertures smaller than f/5.6 in hopes of greater DOF will obliterate IQ .


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