Should amatuer buy pro lens?

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Lenses aren't pro

imperial wrote:

Lenses are pieces of equipment; they don't go out and earn money so they can't be pro. Like any equipment they can vary from very low to very high quality.

The choice of quality depends on what suits the user. As pro photographers usually need high-quality images from durable lenses they mostly buy high-quality lenses; but that doesn't make the lenses pro.

I can't convince myself enough to buy the Sony 70-200mm gm lens because of the price. I have saved up money for it, but i can't get over the fact that i'm just a amateur photographer and none of these photos I take are going to pay off the equipment i have purchased.

You bought a camera; as an amateur you won't pay off the price of that either.

Do any of you get this problem?

It's not a problem. Everything I ever want has a price; everything I ever want has a value to me. If the value exceeds the price I buy it; if it doesn't I don't. It's a simple matter of deciding one's own values. If you can't decide that's a pretty clear indication that you put the value below the price; because if you put the value above the price you'd already have bought it ...

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