Should amatuer buy pro lens?

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Re: Should amatuer buy pro lens?

Why were you saving up money for it?  It must have been something you wanted. Forget needs, as we never really need half of what we have.  Obviously, you are having doubts.  What are the alternatives?  In general, the better glass helps you to produce better photos often under much worse conditions than is possible with slower "kit" lenses.  Still, I use a Canon non-L 70-300 II lens with an Sl2 when photographing birds and wildlife from my kayak.  I did't want an expensive lens because I knew it would get wet.  It has been a great lens, and I really like it not just because of its quality but because it is so light. It's perfect for what I am using it for.

Only you can answer the question about whether your chosen lens will be a good one for you or not.  But I would not necessarily not get it because you are an amateur and not a pro. If you get better results from it than what you are getting from your equipment now, it is probably worth it.

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