A7iii does video thru microscope

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Re: A7iii does video thru microscope

Corelli wrote:

What a delightful and fascinating surprise!

I only recently started using my camera for astrophotography and now you've opened a whole new world!

What sort of money are we talking about for such a microscope and accessories?


Yes, the possibilities are endless and microscopy has presented me with 50 years of enjoyment, never a dull moment!And, by the way, I am planning to venture into astrophotography as the sky over here in NZ are superb for it. So I might need a tip or two to get started!

I owned my first toy microscope priced at $19.90 when I was 12 and even then, it opened up an entire new world to me. With no money, even a toy could provide an insight into the marvellous unseen world. I spent so much time with it that mom had to lock it up when exams were near! It was not until I was 19 then I able to afford a reasonably priced Chinese-made trinocular research scope that was based on an Olympus model.

Actually, getting started in light microscopy is so inexpensive these days, one can pick up a brand new China-made trinocular microscope from Amazon starting as low as $249; an older, good used one of reputable brand like Zeiss, Nikon or Olympus for between $700-$3000. A trinocular one would be the one to go for in photography. Brand new ones (from Zeiss, Nikon or Olympus) for light microscopy would be great but not necessary. The cost would be around that of a small car.

Personally, my own equipment are pretty modest, I use an older Olympus EHS trinocular and a Lomo research trinocular for all my photography and videography. I have a couple of older classics that I have as collections and they are all great and usable.

Personally, if I was starting, I would go for a good refurnished Zeiss Trinocular that can be had for about $2800-$3,000. There are cheaper used ones form other brands that are good and sell for much less.  But it all depends on the age. So, there are plenty of choices! eBay and Amazon.com are great places to start looking.

Please keep the conversation going if you need more info. I am an amateur microscopist and very passionate about microscopy and the invisible world we can’t see with the naked eye.

Just some examples :

Cheaper ones:


Great refurnished ones


A place to start looking and start making enquiries


Super high end (top research grade)



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