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Re: The Birds

I've read that The Ontario Peninsula is a birders paradise.

I buy two kinds of wild bird seed. One is the typical bird seed. The other has dry hard corn and the black sunflower seeds and some sort of large round seed that looks like it would be great in a pea shooter because it's light and wouldn't sting too badly. It amazes me how much those pigeons can hold. As you can see in my pix they are quite portly. These gobble down the black sunflower seeds with relish. My parrots used to split them and just eat the seed but the pigeons eat them whole.

I like pigeons and doves and have noticed here that you don't see the same individuals for too long. In this group there is one black and white pied I'm watching as a gauge. Everything preys on them. Watching them I've noted that they seem to put themselves in danger more readily than most birds. Perhaps they have all been subject to predation in your area. You mentioned doves, they're just as vulnerable, so there must be some other reason you don't have pigeons.

The pigeons I've been feeding in this location for nearly 5 years recognize me now. It's a group recognition. The first one to see me comes in and the rest follow. They get on my feet while I'm feeding them. I was surprised the first time at their weight, much more than I'd expected. They don't go near most folks, but there are a few other old codgers I see feeding them who they also trust. They will feed from my hand, but they have passengers I don't want to acquire.

I was surprised when they landed on my car today. I was changing lenses and sat in there for a minute or two and they got impatient, I assume. That one in the second pic stood right in front of me and gave me the stink-eye until I got out and made with the victuals.

Lots of mothers with children walking there. When they pass, the pigeons fly away but return quickly. However, if the families stop to talk, I'll give the kids a handful of seed to feed and the birds come back when they see this. When no one else is around they aren't flighty and I have to be careful not to step on them.

It is Zen to be trusted by such defenseless creatures. Rich

Nobody is getting close to the egrets.

I hope your bug is gone, or going.

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