To prime or not to prime - 16-55 mm questions

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To prime or not to prime - 16-55 mm questions


I am thinking to get one lens to satisfy GAS syndrome. I have read quite a bit of discussions and review here as well as other places. They are very useful, informative and make it harder to choose. I blame Fuji for making great lenses!

I would love to get them all but it is not possible. I could only get one (hard to convince budget manager (read: wife) for more than one lens). I need your help and suggestions on which one to pick first.

I have two bodies, XT1 and XT3 (for few weeks now). I have persuaded my wife and daughter to carry XT1 with 18-55 mm while i have heavier lens (55-200 mm or 10-24 mm). I like 55-200 mm, it captures beautiful pictures. However,10-24 mm does not really work for me, capturing too much. I am sure it is related to skills.

My current lenses are 10-24 mm, 18-55 mm, 55-200 mm. Here are my options:

1. 16-55 mm (aka The Bricks) - It seems like this is the true lens that rules them all. I also love the weather resistance. It is on sale ($300 off) too! I carried around 55-200 mm on XT-3, all days for few days and seemed to be fine. I don't expect weight to be an issue.

I have read multiple threads and reviews about 16-55 mm and 18-55 mm but could not find exactly when use 16-55 mm with XT camera without OIS. Can anyone comment how much OIS matter when the Bricks is compared to 18-55?

2. 35 mm, f1.4 - I like the compactness. It will be most likely be my first Fuji prime lens.

3. 23 mm, f1.4 - Review said it is a very good lens and a lot people swear by it. Need to wait until it is on-sale.  If I get 23 mm + crop, will the image quality be the same as 35 mm, f 1.4?

4. 50-140 mm: I take a lot of kids picture indoor performance and outdoor soccer. It is my excuse to get the best gear

5. 100-400 mm: Hey, I could have shoot birds picture too! This lens is interesting because I don't have overlapping lens at this length.

I also look into f2 series but not sure if i would regret them for not getting faster lens in the future.

In most cases, I will be shooting around town, zoo, kid activities (school performance, soccer) and vacation trips. During normal use, I am most likely will only carry 1 lens on XT-3.  I will have access to the 2nd body during longer trip.

Thank you all for your help!

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