OMD EM5 III features to be competitive (part II)

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Re: Competition ...

jwilliams wrote:

Really makes no sense to continue EM5 and EM1 lines as most competitors have everything they do already. Just make them one camera. The faithful already have their EM1 IIs and even among them few are going to buy/upgrade to the EM1x so Oly needs to appeal to people who do not already have m43 gear.

If they don't cover the price points of the three E-M product lines they're going to miss a chunk of sales.

If they don't continue with a luxury retro camera of the E-M5 style, or Pen-F style, they're also going to lose a chunk of sales.

They need a camera with mass market appeal at a competitive price. Right now that camera doesn't exist in their current lineup.

I'm not sure they're they're targeting mass-market growth at all costs.  They may be aiming to remain a substantial player at home and a satisfactory niche player elsewhere.  I suspect they have always prioritised the desires of their home market.  Unfortunately I have few inklings of what is desired there (except that the Olympics are coming = E-M1X).  In other words, I'm not sure we will be very good at guessing what they will do next.

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