HX99 as second camera to FF mirrorless

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Re: HX99 as second camera to FF mirrorless

M0jave wrote:

I'm considering getting a Cyber-shot HX99 as a second camera, mainly for the zoom, and I was wondering if I could get some feedback from those of you who have been using a similar setup for a while (not even the HX99 necessarily, even just one of the older models in the line, or a similar alternative).

I own an HX90V. It's optically almost identical to what you'll get with the HX99, but it has no RAW capture ability.

I have a 12mm, a 35mm, a 55mm, and an 85mm, all excellent and small, and I use all of them, usually picking two (rarely three) to take with me, depending on where I'm going and what I expect to be shooting. What I don't have is a mid - long telephoto, and while I don't often need one, it's frustrating on the rare occasions when I do.

Obviously, I understand the IQ would be nowhere near the same, but with RAW capabilities and limiting myself to good lighting conditions, I think I could live with that. So, any opinions on the matter from people with similar setups? Has it been at least a partial solution for you, or just more frustration than it's worth?

The main value of the HX90V is in the long end of the zoom combined with the small size. Under the right conditions, and for the right tasks, it can sometimes match much bigger and heavier gear. To understand what means, I'll show a test I did some months ago:

This is a comparison done with my HX90V (it captures 16mp in 3:2 aspect ratio) at 123mm and my 24mp APS-C A77 with Sony 55-300mm lens at 120mm. Exposure parameters were essentially identical. The HX90V doesn't support RAW, so that file is an in-camera JPEG. The A77 shot is RAW converted to DNG and sharpened.

HX90V at full resolution (16mp when using 3:2 aspect ratio)

A77 at full resolution (24mp)

A77 version cropped to match the HX90V field of view (now only 1.5mp)

Now the two side-by-side at high magnification:

HX90V on left, A77 on right (showing the pixellation that would occur if viewed at the same size)

I emphasize that this particular test was done in order to compare the same focal length (120mm) on both cameras because that was the challenge another forum member posed. My next post here will show a different type of comparison.

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